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It is very important to decide what type of earphones will be perfect for your usage. You can shop your choice of earphones from our shop. If you are struggling to make choice about it please continue.

There are basically two major types of earphones ie. wired and wireless earphones. In this article we will discuss about wireless earphones. There are two types of earbuds.

  • In-ear
  • Semi in-ear

You can easily identify earphones with which are in-ear and semi in-ear from the above image.  In-ear are the ones that gets stuffed into the ear canals like this  and Semi in-ear are the one that sits in the peripherals of ear cavity like this. Though both these kind of earphones can generate equally good sound quality, but differ in how they perform in day to day life or activities and both types have their cons and pros.



  • As these comes fitted with silicon earbud tips, they fit very well in ears hence cancels outdoor/environmental noise very well (without even having Active Noise cancellation) and hence provide more clear and distraction free sound/music/
  • Can be more comfortable due to silicon tip. Can wear for longer time.
  • Generally comes with multiple size earbud tips to get right fit.
  • As these earphones fits well, it suits for several sports activities like jogging, excercising etc.


  • As these reduces environment noise, these are not safe if you use earphones while commuting (driving or even walking).
  • There are chances that silicon earbud tips start to tear out as per usage or eventually be lost.
Semi in-ear

Pros :

  • These doesn’t require any earbud tips so no worry of losing and wear and tear.
  • These are universally designed to fit everyone.
  • These doesn’t block environmental/outside noise must allows to be aware of you here about.
  • Can be used if you use them while commuting without worrying about safety.


  • Doesn’t fit very well and tends to comes out.
  • Can’t be used for sports activities.
  • Can be little uncomfortable to wear for long time.


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