• High quality Qualcomm Chipset QCC 3034
  • Support proprietary aptX-HD, aptX bluetooth codecs.
  • cVc 5.0 to eliminate surrounding sounds to transmit voice clearly.
  • Non-Stop play time of 15 hours.
  • It produce excellent sound quality with its proprietary aptX-HD codec. It uses latest cVc to eliminate surrounding sounds to transmit voice clearly. All this with a big battery life of 15 hours.


Premium Bluetooth Chipset

QualComm Chipset QCC3034 is based on extremely low power architecture which supports high quality, low latency audio codecs like aptX-HD, aptX, AAC. You can enjoy your lossless audio music streaming with exceptional sound reproduction with minimum latency.

Broader Soundstage

Wave drivers oscillate with extreme precision to bring you sound with extraordinary accuracy and an ultra-realistic listening experience.

Excellent Call Quality

Utilizing the latest cVc noise reduction technology to enhance voice pick up and remove

background noises for clearer calls.

IPX5 Waterproof

Protection against liquids such as rain, sweat, and water.

Bluetooth 5.0

It creates an unbreakable connection between your device and Wave wireless earbuds for skip-free audio even in busy spaces.

Ergonomic Design

Get a confident and satisfying fit in only 3 steps. For the best call quality, ensure the microphone is directed towards your mouth.

Long working hours

Get long working hour of upto 15 hours.

Fast Charging

With USB – C cable you can charge for just 10 minutes to enjoy 2 hours of playtime.

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10 reviews for Wave

  1. Divya


  2. fireball

    The Wave has its fine quality and feels comfortable when I wear it. And the speak phone cancelled the noise when speaking over a phone call. That ensures clear hearing dramatically. Didn’t know that as I gave one to my best friend.
    By the way, thank you for earlier delivery. Surprise too.
    One more thing, it says it’s water proof. Will try it out tomorrow morning while jogging. Anyway, so far like it very much.

  3. sound_guy

    I like that the ear buds are sweat resistant, have a solid fit and feel in my ear and stay in place while running on the treadmill. Good bass response and pretty solid through the high frequency. I also appreciate that, I was able to use these to make calls from the office – I asked if my customers had a hard time hearing me and they said I was coming through loud and clear. For the money these cannot be beat.

  4. Irfan

    battery backup is extremely good.
    sound quality more than expecting. i use it for calling not found any issue yet.
    best part is its perfect fitting. feels more premium than many big brands.

  5. Andrew

    Amazing product terrible battery. I only get around 5 hours of play time at around 40% to 50% volume. The in ear fit is Amazing. But the bad battery was really a setback for me as I need atleast 9 to 10 hours for work.

  6. Arun

    If u really music lovers then u ll definitely love it. Call quality is also good. Battery backup really awesome.only thing i m missing is vibration alert. Thats fyn. Most headphones disnt give that. I can give 8 out of 10 for this headphone.

  7. lime

    The first thing I noticed was high quality packaging and the product was well-packaged. That was a good sign. The product feels well-made with good materials. It is obvious whoever made these set out to make a pair of good quality, comfortable, high performing bluetooth earbuds at a reasonable fee. They are incredibly comfortable to wear. Sound and mic quality are great. I use mine for a lot of voice calls and found that the smallest silicone tips are the best for this purpose, as they don’t cancel the background sound as easily (it feels weird speaking and not being able to hear your voice well). I’ve only had them for a few days, but if I had to guess, they will last well a long enough time to not be disappointed. If I ever lose them, I will buy more 100%. Very happy.

  8. db

    I ordered the WAVE Neckband Bluetooth Earphone (Grey) with the expectation of utilizing them while doing my exercises and workouts. My ears are pretty small and I have difficulty finding earbuds that will stay in my ears during my runs or HIIT workouts. The WAVE bud shape fit comfortably in my ear and the smaller buds fit snug into the ear canal opening. I tried the workout with and with out the cable clip fastened and had no issues with earbud slippage with either method. I personally prefer the cable not fastened, but that is personal preference. Movement of head/neck was uninhibited with the cables fastened. Sound quality was great, even during face time calls. Transition between music and calls was seamless and the button functionality was definitely sufficient. I was initially worried about the balance of the cable on the back of my neck during the workouts, but didn’t experience any issues or discomfort. There was no pain in the ears after wearing for the duration of the workouts (which has happened in the past with other buds). Pairing process was simple and easy and there were no issues getting my phone paired up. The only issue I have now is keeping my teenagers away from them!

  9. baraq

    I’m pleasantly surprised with my purchase of the Wave headsets even when compared to other bluetooth wireless earbuds products that costs double or triple the the price. The earbuds fit very comfortably and securely in my ears even after a full day of use – thanks to the soft materials and 15 hours play time. Music quality is very crisp with the aptx HD codec, it has very punchy bass once I got a proper fit – perfect for the gym. One of my favorite bonus feature is the integrated voice microphone with CVC6.0 noise suppression for clear hands-free calls and smart assistants, this added convenience alone makes this a worthy purchase.

  10. Esperanza143

    I was having a difficult time finding earphones that were comfortable in my ear and that wouldn’t fall out. These are comfortable to wear and the sound is great. The only reason I gave it four stars is because it won’t stay around my neck unless I use the wire clip. The neck band is very long for me. I am happy with my purchase.

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